Activity Park Rental,
With Supervision

To ensure a safe environment, the Prosess Park is supervised by trained and experienced staff.

For fun, training and excitement – a Prosess Park allows all ages to experience a unique sensation in complete safety, whether during the summer or the winter. Our highly enjoyable activity parks attract families, youngsters and sportspeople.

The mobile version of our “Box-Park” has been developed for short-term use – for events, open days, competitions, festivals, birthday celebrations, team-building and weddings, for example.

The mobile Box-Park is transported by trailer, is easily manoeuvred and can be delivered to most rental locations.

As a general rule, up to 5 people per minute can jump from a Prosess Box-Park, allowing a large number of visitors to enjoy the activity.

Renting a Prosess Box-Park is a no-hassle experience and as the park can be set up in less than 2 hours, a rental for only 1 day is possible, depending on the transport distance. Prosess will take care of everything – transport, set up, supervision and dismantling. Request an all-inclusive offer, including liability insurance, for your event and we will reply as quickly as possible with availability and prices.

Jumps from two levels
(1m and 3m) and a trampoline

The standard version of our mobile Box-Park includes a 9m x 6m BigAirBag®, two different platforms for all levels of ability, as well as a professional trampoline for tricks and more fun (summer only).

Modular design

On request, our Box-Parks can be adapted according to the needs of each client.

Typical additional uses include a slackline and depending on the rental location, inflatable tubes (winter) and roller, skateboard, scooter and bike can be included with the addition of a ramp.

Fully customisable

Our Box-Parks provide a fun activity that catches the eye and brings everyone together – children, adults and families. A Box-Park can offer a unique marketing tool that can associate the image of a brand, an event or a destination with a strong and long-lasting memory. Optionally, our Box-Parks can be re-branded with banners, “top-sheets” and “side-sheets”. Request an offer to promote your brand or destination.