Activity Park Rental,

Rent a mobile Box-Park for only CHF 800 per day*

* Based on a 3-day rental period, without supervision

The standard version of our Box-Park includes a 9m x 6m BigAirBag®, two different platforms for all levels of ability, as well as a professional trampoline for tricks and more fun (summer only).

Our fully inclusive prices include:

  • BigAirBag®, jump structure and professional trampoline (summer only)
  • Transport (up to 100km from Sion)
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Staff training for operational and safety considerations (when supervision is not provided)
  • Liability insurance (when supervision is provided)

Request an offer and we will provide our detailed price list with customisable activity and branding options.

Loyalty offer

For rentals of 10 days or more, we offer a loyalty discount for multiple rentals:

  • 2nd rental of the at least the same rental period within 12 months of the 1st rental: 15% discount applicable to both rentals
  • 3rd rental of the at least the same rental period within 24 months of the 1st rental: 20% discount applicable to all rentals