Prosess Airbags are supplied by our partner BigAirbag©. Size and model are different depending on the use.

BigAirBag® is the world’s leading manufacturer of airbags for freestyle sports, action sports and leisure applications. Their products are built by hand exclusively in Holland using the finest German-made materials, manufacturing techniques and machinery.

BigAirBag® has become an all-season attraction that can be used to create many thrilling, unforgettable and unique activities for extreme sports, adventure experiences and events.

Prosess has been a passionate partner of BigAirBag® since 2013.

Available for rent and for sale.

Contact us so that we can advise you on the right model for your use.

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  • Aperçu rapide

    10m Airbag Jump

    CHF 1'700.00
  • Aperçu rapide

    Airbag 15×15

    CHF 900.00
  • Aperçu rapide

    Airbag 4×4

    CHF 500.00
  • Aperçu rapide

    Airbag 6×9

    CHF 700.00
  • Aperçu rapide

    Airbag Jump Ski & Snowboard

    CHF 2'000.00
  • Aperçu rapide

    Box-Park Airbag Container

  • Aperçu rapide

    Box-Park Mobile

    CHF 1'200.00
  • Aperçu rapide

    Freestyle Demo & Show

    CHF 8'580.00
  • Aperçu rapide

    Ninja Parkour