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Included in our prices:

  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Supervision by experienced Prosess staff
  • Liability insurance

Box-Park Mobile

Prosess’ Box-Park Mobile was created for short-term use – activities, events, celebrations, training and team-building

The Box-Park Mobile is transported by trailer and can be easily manoeuvred. As a result, it can be delivered to most places. When access is difficult, Prosess will be happy to analyse the access and provide a quote for special transport.

Three jumps – from two different levels (1m and 3m) and from a trampoline – with a throughput of up to 300 jumps per hour, up to 5 people per minute

The standard version of the Prosess Box-Park Mobile includes a 9m x 6, BigAirBag®, two different platforms for all levels of ability, as well as a professional trampoline for tricks and more.

Freestyle Demonstration

Experienced professional athletes put on a show by launching themselves from a springboard at 60km/h to perform impressive tricks 8m in the air before landing on a giant BigAirBag®

Since 2013, Prosess has been organising unique freestyle demonstrations in the winter and summer.

Tricks 8m in the air

Generally, each performance is 20 minutes and up to 4 performances per day can be provided.

Subject to an analysis of the event location and other factors, tricks can be performed on skis, snowboard, rollerblades, bikes and scooters.

Tubing Slide

A tubing slide from Prosess is a fantastic way to provide fun and excitement at your event

Our tubing slides can be used from 5 years of age, require no particular skills and are appreciated by children and adults alike.

Can be installed in the summer and winter

In the summer, our slides are constructed using innovative Neveplast NP30 dry ski slope material which simulates real snow conditions.

In the winter, depending on the installation location, our slides can make use of either the Neveplast material or natural snow conditions, when available.