Liven up your next event or fair – customisable activities for all ages with indoor and outdoor solutions


  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • From 1 day to a full season
  • Summer / Winter

We take care of everything :

  • Installation
  • Supervision 
  • Transport
  • Liability insurance

Box-Park Mobile



Period : From 1 day

Ages : from 3 to 77 years

Mobile multi-sport airbag activity park for all levels, summer and winter, including :

  • 1m high airbag jump
  • 3m high airbag jump
  • Trampoline to airbag
  • Options available : slackline, ramp for bike, roller or scooter, tubbing, ski & snowboard

Not included : Transport, supervision, installation.

Freestyle Demonstration


4 times 20 minutes demonstrations including :

  • Airbag
  • Ramp
  • Winch
  • 4 Athletes

Since 2013, Prosess has been organising unique freestyle demonstrations in winter and summer.

Whether in the mountains or in the city, on the snow, on an artificial track or on a custom-built ramp, Prosess has the solution to animate your event in a unique way.

8 meter high figures in the air

Professional athletes put on a show by launching themselves from a springboard at 60 km/h to perform impressive tricks at a height of 8 metres before landing on a giant BigAirBag®.

In January 2020, Prosess has teamed up with the organisers of the Youth Olympic Games to offer a series of unique freestyle skiing performances over 2 weekends.

Not included : Transport, supervision, installation.

Ninja Parkour



Price : On demande

Period : From 1 day

Ages : 3 to 77 years

Ninja course with multiple obstacle you can choose from depending ont the availability.

Obstacles adapted to the level and age of the participants

Timer clock, ranking can be organized.

10 Meters Airbag Jump


Period : 1 day

Ages : 5 to 77 years old

Bigairbag model Revolution or Freestyle.

Its impressive size makes it possible to jump up to 10 meters above the ground!

Our supervisors will guide you on the safety rules.

Not included : Transport, supervision, installation.