Tubing Slope

Have fun with the Prosess Tubing Slope V.2.2

Why choose our product?

  • Easy & Fast to install
  • Can be adapt to any terrain
  • Unlimited lengh
  • No ground work needed
  • Summer & winter comatible
  • 5 Year guarantee



Only available on desktop.

2 meters pieces assembled in line

After 10 years of use and construction of tubing slopes during summer and winter, we went across multiple concept to provide the best expirience either fot the users and for the installers.

This Version 2.2 is made to adapt your slope without the need of making expansive ground work.

With our experience we will guide you through evreything you need to know in order to have a animation that fits with your costumers and hosts.


We make the 1rst installation with you to show you exactly how to make the assembly and disassembly.