For events, parties and open days

A tubing slide from Prosess is a fantastic way to provide fun and excitement at your event or party, or attract customers to your business’ open-day.

Our tubing slides can be used from 5 years of age, require no particular skills and are appreciated by children and adults alike.

Can be installed in the summer and winter

In the summer, our slides are constructed using innovative Neveplast NP30 dry ski slope material  which simulates real snow conditions.

In the winter, depending on the installation location, our slides can make use of either the Neveplast material or natural snow conditions, when available.

We provide quality Neveplast inflatable tubes in different sizes to suit all ages.

For the ultimate experience, our slides can optionally be combined with a BigAigBag® to allow the slide to finish with a thrilling jump.

Turnkey service

A tubing slide rental from Prosess is a no-hassle experience. We will take care of everything, including delivery, construction, supervision, dismantling and liability insurance.

Depending on the rental duration, in place of providing supervision, Prosess can train suitable persons (staff or volunteers, for example) to supervise the slide.

To receive a personalised quote, please complete and submit the form below. All our slides are bespoke and constructed according to the specific requirements of the client and the installation location. Following an on-site visit, Prosess will analyse the possibilities and provide a detailed quote with as many variations as possible.

Please complete and submit the form below and we will contact you as quickly as possible. If you have any issues submitting the form, please contact us.