Activity Park Rental,

Rent a mobile Box-Park for only CHF 800 per day*

* Based on a 3-day rental period (standard version), without supervision

The standard version of our Box-Park includes a 9m x 6m BigAirBag®, two different platforms for all levels of ability, as well as a professional trampoline for tricks and more fun (summer only).

The smaller “mini” version of our mobile Box-Park includes a 4m x 4m BigAirBag® and a single platform for all levels of ability.

Our fully inclusive prices include:

  • BigAirBag®, jump structure and professional trampoline (summer only)
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Staff training for operational and safety considerations (when supervision is not provided)
  • Liability insurance (when supervision is provided)

Request an offer and we will provide our detailed price list with customisable activity and branding options.