BigAirBag® Rental

Renting a Prosess-Concept BigAirBag® is the perfect solution when a complete “Box-Park” is not needed, for example for competitions, training and events.

The low-profile, highly advanced BigAirBag® ADVENTURE (9m x 6m) features multiple air-pillars that absorb impact individually, allowing for simultaneous landings from 8m above ground level. Due to its unrivalled softness and durability, the BigAirBag® ADVENTURE is rapidly becoming a much-loved attraction at adventure parks, adventure playgrounds, freestyle parks and gymnasiums across the globe. 

Tested from over 60m above ground level, the BigAirBag® REVOLUTION (15m x 15m) can deal with the heaviest of impacts and the hardest of falls. The BigAirBag® REVOLUTION provides super soft, super safe landings with incredible impact-absorbing qualities. Our BigAirBag® REVOLUTION is branded “Anzère”, but can be adapted to provide no branding or an alternative branding.

The BigAirBag® FREESTYLE (15m x 9m) provides excellent impact absorption and an easy exit for maximum throughput. Due to its robust and lightweight construction, the FREESTYLE model is the most popular airbag in ski resorts, skate parks and bike parks. The ideal airbag for skiing, snowboarding and freestyle demonstrations.

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